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I’ve tried other things. I even got one of those annoying water bottles that lights up to remind you to drink.

Despite water being a necessity for life, I have the hardest time making myself drink enough of it. It’s so easy to get immersed in work, life, anything else. Since downloading this app, I have not missed my water consumption goal a single day, because I can’t bare the thought of not filling up my llama. Huge fan. I thank you, my kidneys thank you, my urologist thanks you. 6/5 stars!

App Store user: trazelosaurus07

This is one of the most creative apps I have ever come across!

It has a super clean interface and is fun to use! The animals are motivating and the app has just the right amount of depth! The fact that not many people know about this app is awful, but I am definitely going to start to tell people about it! Again, beautiful app, keep up the amazing work.

AppStore user: Gavel 0850

I have tried many water trackers and they all seem to be missing something.

I never write reviews, this is my first review ever. But I am impressed enough to review this app. For this app the developers seem to have thought of everything. It has all the bells and whistles.
You can log water, it’s pretty easy to adjust the ounces. You can also log other beverages and it has a drink/water ratio. So if I log milk it gives me the ounces of water in the milk. There are cool challenges and really cute characters. I very rarely pay for a premium app, I just use the free version. I switched to the premium version right away, again because of how impressed I am by this app.

AppStore user: Associate

The interface is warm, charming and clean, and it’s not intrusive, just positive reinforcement.

Greatly improved my health.
Water is vital to my existence but I neglect to drink it. Water lama is a cute, positive way to encourage me to drink water. I love it! Makes a better, more hydrated world.

AppStore user: Pablo goes

Filling up the Llama makes me so excited to drink water!

I love this app. I always tracked my intake with a generic water app (similar to filling up a cup throughout the day), but have stopped and deleted it three times this year alone. For some reason, filling up the Llama makes me so excited to drink water. I used for a day and immediately purchased the yearly plan. Nice take on the app with using animals. Very clever (yet simple)!

AppStore user: TheequeenveeX0

I’m pregnant, and this app can calculate the daily water consumption norm even for me!

This is awesome! It helps me reach the right balance of drinking water and I enjoy the confetti every time I reach the goal!

AppStore user: iulla.sun

I really enjoy the reminders. I can set and make it custom to what I need.

Great Way to Increase Water Intake.
One of my health goals was to increase my water intake but I struggled to stay consistent with it. I found this app and I absolutely love it. It’s really fun to see the llama fill it. I’m excited to try the other animals as I go to change it up. It is easy to use. I did upgrade with the purchase to be able to add water consumption from all types of fluid intake. There are other challenges too that I’m excited to try. It’s nice seeing the progress I’m making so I know how well I’m doing or when I need to step it up.

AppStore user: Penguin12345kellyc

This one is so cute and fun, and easy to use!

A lot of water tracking apps I’ve seen lately are crazy complicated to use and there’s not much incentive to use them. This one is so cute and fun, and easy to use! I love filling up my llama every day.

AppStore user: lindseyjames01

This app lets you pick the animal who will drink with you, and they look like piñatas!

Who knew how little one can drink!
I got this app because it doesn't spam me to death reminding me to drink. Other apps have to option to turn that part of, but it still requires extra steps. I like the functionally, the whimsical animals, and the ease with which to get in touch with the developers. Every suggestion I have made has been implemented!

AppStore user: goldengatetlc

Helped me go from a few sips a day to 72oz a day!!

Without this app reminding me, I would never drink water. It also gives you little bits of info about how water helps your health with the reminders and it helps to motivate me to drink. I LOVE this app.

AppStore user: KhalessiEllie

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Smart water reminder

Notifications that arrive exactly when you forget to drink water. So that if you keep drinking water regularly, you won't be bothered by any alerts. Each message includes an interesting fact about water to keep you motivated toward your daily hydration goal.

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Collect daily characters

Make each day different with over 45 cute animal characters already available in the Waterllama app.

You simply won't bear the thought of not filling up your everyday companion with water.

Drink water Streaks

See all of your water intake history at a glance & try to reach your hydration goal as many days in a row as you can.

What's the longest Streak can you reach?

drink water streaks
water tracker beverages

Track water from anything you drink

Pick from 40+ available beverages or create a custom drink with its own icon, name & hydration ratio. Select beverages that you want to show up on the home screen for quick access through the App, Widget, or Apple Watch.

Celebrate your day with Waterllama

See what kind of day you had & celebrate your progress with a cool visual that's rendered right when you complete your water intake goal!

Celebrate your daily hydration goal achievements and share them with friends.

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Benefits of drinking water

Drinking enough fluid helps you to improve skin health, productivity & mood. Staying well hydrated makes the heart healthier and supports the immune system. Good water balance plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure & body temperature.

water drinking benefits

Daily hydration goal

You can set a custom daily goal. Or use the Waterllama calculator to see a suggested daily hydration norm based on your body measurements, sex, daily activity, and even weather!

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